Coast Zone Fitness Final Testing

-Upcoming dates to be announced as released.

Dryland tests are for kids all ages. Although the kids like comparing their scores to each other, the main focus is to benchmark and measure own fitness improvements in each training block. The coaches also look at the various tests to identify any potential weaknesses and imbalances in the racer’s bodies. There is no cost for these sessions and ALL kids are invited. This session will be run in cooperation with the other Coast Zone clubs.

This testing data is important as it will set the baseline for your fitness development over this year.

Dryland testing is a great way to establish/measure your physical strengths and weaknesses. Regular testing will show you what areas you progress in and which ones need more work. You are only as strong as your weakest link, so testing is a great way to identify if there are urgent areas to work on to prevent injury. All tests are designed with physical qualities required for skiing and racing.

U12, U14, U16 racers should consider dryland testing mandatory and a part of their training routine and measurement. Younger racers are also invited to participate to see how they do and to learn the tests. Do not feel intimidated if you have never done some of these before. Learning how to do them is a part of your development.

Please arrive with proper athletic attire and water.

We will need some volunteer parents to help coordinate racers, to do recording at some of the testing stations, as well as entering data into the recording sheets.

The Details

What is Being Recorded / Tested:
1. Height (stand & sit), weight (in KG and CM)
2. Vertical Jump
3. Long Jump
4. Penta Jump
5. T-Test
6. Box Jump
7. Push-ups
8. Beep test

Mickey MacDougal Rec Centre
23rd Street and St. Andrews
North Vancouver

FIS/U16 (2003 older): 8:30 AM
U14 (2004 – 2005): 9:15 AM
U12 (2006 – 2007): 10:00 AM
U10 (2008 younger): 10:45AM

Please, make sure you arrive on time at your specified starting time as this event will be very busy. Siblings can come together. We will NOT be able to do testing if you arrive past 11 am.

The tests take approximately 1.5 – 2 hours to complete.

Things to consider:

  • bring water,
  • bring proper runners with good sole (NO boarder shoes)
  • ALWAYS warm up at least 10 minutes beforehand (there is always a coach designated to do warm-up with the kids, so look out for him and ask when you cannot find anyone). Lack of warm-up will lead to a distortion of test results as the body cannot perform in a cold state. Also injuries can happen when the body is not properly warmed up.
  • You will get the paper copy to fill in the test results from a volunteer AFTER you have warmed-up