Zone Finals Results

Congratulations to all our U12’s, U14’s and U16’s at Zone Finals on Mount Washington this past weekend! The wet weather made for a cold and challenging race, but everyone gave it their best and skied for some an awesome last race of the season! Thank you to all the parents, volunteers, and coaches who made this event happen and supported the kids through the weekend.

Sunday Slalom Results

U12 Run 1:

  • Andrew P. 4th
  • Emerson S. 7th
  • Owen L. 19th
  • Nikola N. 25

U12 Run 2:

  • Nikola K. 7th
  • Andrew P. 9th
  • Emerson S. 10th
  • Owen L. 19th

U14/U16 Combined Slalom

  • Matheson S. 11
  • Max L. 17th
  • Nathon L. 24th