Welcome back to the 2010 2011 ski season for the Mount Seymour Ski Club we welcome both our returning families and our new families.

We are hard at work behind the seasons getting many things done. You will notice that the website has been updated and the calendar has our key dates posted. We will be actively using the website to keep our members informed and thank Kaz and Vinay for their work over the summer.

Just a few reminders:

  • Early Bird Season Passes for Mount Seymour now available – as much as 60% off: DEADLINE SEPTEMBER 30, 2010. It is well worth buying.
  • Snow Show on this weekend September 25th & 26th at the new Convention Center in Vancouver.
  • BC Alpine AGM October 2nd held in Vancouver at the Holiday Inn on Broadway all are welcome to go you can check it out on the BC alpine web site
  • Mount Seymour Ski Club Registration Open!: It is now easier to do online. Just follow the link and please let as many of your friend know about the club and how much fun it is for the children. Let’s all help to grow our club even more as we head into another great season. If each member can help spread the word about the club we can keep our club growing and vibrant.

We are still looking for some volunteers to help with the running of the club as with all programs we need volunteers to help make this happen.

We need:

  • K1 Coordinator
  • Treasurer in training: Someone who would be willing to come on board and learn what our treasure does as she will be standing down next season.

We ask any of our families to step up with help as we are a club that is run by parent volunteers and we would not be successful without your help. Drop us an e-mail so that we know that we can call on you to ask if you can help out with a quick job that needs to be done.

Looking forward to a great ski season and seeing everyone again.

Linda Brown