This camp is still being developed. Please check back regularly for updates.

Summer Glacier Camp

July 13-19

Event Description

Summer ski camps have historically proven to be the perfect environment for technical work on snow. The Horstman Glacier on Blackcomb is very well suited for technical work because of its gentle grade and even terrain. The glacier is also a very isolated which creates a distraction free environment. Those two factors make it easier to create a captive audience and a high repetition of technical and course drills. Because the camp is 5 consecutive days, it provides for a great progressive learning situation.

Early afternoons are set aside for lunch and rest. After the skiers and coaches have cooled off we head outside for dry land, team building and other activities. All campers participate in afternoon activities regardless of where they are staying.


U10 (strong U10 skiers are welcome with approval from the Program Director)
U12 (Program Director approval is required if you are interested in staying with the team)

U10/12 parents, please contact the Program director if you are interested in the camp. Coaching needs to be arranged for these age groups and we need to ensure adequate attendance.


Option 1:
Glacier Access + coaching fees

Option 2:
Glacier Access + coaching fees + team accommodation
Open to U16, U14, and approved U12s

Registration deadline: Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Please contact the Program Director if you are interested in the camp.


Technical training and gate training on the Horstman Glacier.
Early Afternoon:
Lunch and relaxation.
Late Afternoon:
Dry land training, team building, and other coach delivered activities.


Team based transportation is not available at this time but we will be working to arrange carpooling options.


Team base accommodations will be available for this camp. Approval may be required in order to stay with the team.