First Weekend: January 10-11

Hello MSSC parents and racers,

So the long wait is over… we will be on the hill this weekend!

Terrain is fairly limited so we will be running a modified program. In the morning the coaches will be assessing the athletes and assigning everyone to groups. After lunch we will either continue skiing or, if the conditions deteriorate, we will switch over to dry land. No matter what we end up doing it will be a full day.

Please keep the conditions in mind when selecting gear. If you have the option to use older / rock skis, please do. The coaches will be monitoring the conditions and will avoid areas with excessive rocks.

We will be meeting at The Hut which can be found between the main cafeteria building and guest services.

Plan for the Day

8:15 – Meet and great at The Hut
8:45 – Warmup
9:00 – Athlete assessment and initial group assignment
11:30-12:30 – Staggered lunches at The Hut
12:30 – Afternoon skiing or dry land training
14:30 – Meet back at The Hut for cool down
15:00 – End of Day at The Hut

What to Bring

Please make sure to have the following gear:

  • skis / boots / poles
  • race approved helmet (hard ears)
  • Seymour pass!
  • weather appropriate clothing
  • snow boots / hiking boots for dry land
  • an extra set of mitts or gloves
  • a touque for dry land
  • lunch or lunch money
  • water bottle
  • a pack to store gear in when not in use

Volunteers Needed

I am on the lookout for a couple of parents who have been with the club for a year or two to help out Saturday and/or Sunday mornings. The job will involve assisting the coaches with getting kids in and out of the hut as quickly as possible and answering questions about the program (or sending them to me if you don’t have an answer). If you are up for the task please let me know.

We are also looking for volunteers that will be available during lunch breaks for the balance of the season to monitor the kids so the coaches have an opportunity to eat in peace, talk about lesson plans and get a moment of downtime.