Hello everyone,

We were hoping that waiting a week would allow for more terrain to open up. Unfortunately not much has changed on Seymour. Goldie and the Bear Bowl are still the only two areas open for skiing.

This isn’t going to stop us this time!

The camp will be going ahead this weekend [December 28-30]. We will be meeting inside the south end of the cafeteria around 8:45 and hitting the hill at 9:00. While the emphasis of the camp will be on skiing and developing race skills, I have secured an indoor space for the duration of the camp that will be available for dry land activities.

What to bring:
– skis / boots / poles
– winter clothing
– snow boots and touque for possible outdoor non-skiing activities
– lunch or lunch money
– healthy snacks
– an extra set of gloves

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via email. If you are replying to this email make sure you don’t reply-all or everyone (70 or so people) will get your email!

**U12 Whistler Gate Training**
There will be an optional training day this Monday (Dec. 30th) in Whistler for the U12’s. We will be training with the U14+ athletes in gates. Skiers are responsible for their own tickets and transportation to and from Whistler. I have room for up to three kids in my car if transpiration is an issue. We typically meet in front of Creekside Guest Services at 8:15 and ski until 15:00. Please let me know if you have any questions.