Here are some key dates upcoming:

Dec. 21-23 Christmas Camp
There is still time to sign up for new members or E1s who do not have this included in their program fees. This camp is included for E2s and Ks.

Dec. 23, Jan. 2, and Jan. 8
Free coaching morning for those who want to check the club out.
Anyone is welcome to sign up for these on our website!

Jan. 21-22
The 76th running of the classic Enquist race on Mt. Seymour for K2s.
We are looking for volunteers to slip the course, do manual timing as backup to our electronic timing system, or gate judge.
To get ready for these roles, we recommend taking one of the following Level One Race Official courses:

Jan. 4 at Grouse Mountain (sign up here)
Jan. 9 at Grouse Mountain (sign up here)
Jan. 11 at Cypress Mountain from 6:30pm (Cost: $15) (sign up here)

To volunteer for the Enquist race, please contact us or register here.

Also on Jan. 9, we are offering a ski tuning clinic for those who want to learn how to tune their kids’ (or their own!) skis for racing.
We meet at Vancouver Ski Services from 6-9pm (Cost: $30). Contact us for more information or to sign up.

Don’t forget to stay tuned by checking our ski club hotline at 604-736-0059 for last minute updates or changes due to weather conditions.
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