The Autumn membership drive is an important time for our ski club. This is our opportunity to expand our membership, bringing in new athletes to take part in our programs, spreading the fixed costs of program delivery, and new parents to volunteer and help us run our programs and events. This year, we are emphasizing membership growth through word of mouth by current members. Nobody is better at marketing the club than members who are enjoying the healthy outdoor activity our club promotes. Remember to send the newsletter to your friends and family!

New Member Referral Program

This year, credits will be offered for referrals of new members at the NGSL level (including K-Star). For each new NGSL athlete you refer who joins the club, your account will be credited with $50 that can be applied to future fees including program fees, race fees and racer accounts.

The step by step registration process for each athlete:

  1. Use the club web site to submit the pre-registration form. One for each athlete. Please make sure the correct programme is selected and all details are filled in.
  2. Membership Chair from MSSC club, Vinay Kapur, will respond to each parent to acknowledge the receipt of the pre-registration forms along with details for club fees.
  3. Send the required fees amount to Vinay Kapur as per instructions in the email.
    Confirmation of registration for each athlete via email and registration on the official BC Alpine programme (only when payment is received).
  4. Vinay Kapur passes on details of confirmed registration along with payment to the club Treasurer, Linda Glaeser, and also informs the volunteer parent co-ordinator for the relevant ski programme.
  5. Registration completed and athelete is fully accepted into the club programme.

Enjoy the ski season!
Please note that payment has to be received, as per step 3, in order for the registration to be completed. Please feel free to discuss any concerns with Membership Chair, Vinay Kapur email