Hello everyone,

Confirmation and Deposit Cheques

Deposit cheques for Sun Peaks are due by 6PM tomorrow evening. Please drop your cheques off at Linda’s – 3787 Hamber Place and please make sure to include your child’s name and the race on the memo line.

Cheques should be made out to the Mount Seymour Ski Club for the amount of $120 per child attending.

I will also need confirmation by 6 PM as well. Please have a look at the lists below. If you are in the wrong list or you have not confirmed your attendance with me I need to know!


Eder, Rhianne

Forssander, Lukas

Lister, Devon

McInnis, Bryn

McQuarrie, Thomas

Sushams, Tom

White, Molly

Woolley, Maja

Bonefant, Danielle

Danco, Misho

Ensing, Cole

Forssander, John

Marzin, Emma

McInnis, Caitlin

Nicolasora, Kyne

Okuda, Matthew

Sushams, Charlie

Turner, Chase

Woolley, Kasper

NOT Attending:

Taranov, Jake


Dets, Taras

Benedykczak Langr, Matias

Benedykczak Langr, Nikola

Novota, Jordan

Scott, Cassidy

Scott, Erin

Slater, Makyla

Sutcliffe, Joe

van de Bovenkamp, Alec

Zanker, Mimi

Zanker, Teva

Novota, Danae

One more thing: this is a reminder that you should always check the club’s hotline before leaving for the hill to ensure programs are running as scheduled. The number is 604.736.0059 ext. 3