Hello all,

So we are nearing the end of another great season. As in years past we will be wrapping the season up with the Big Final Event: two days of craziness, skiing and fun!

The theme this year is Hero’s and Villains. Come dressed up as your favourite super hero or villain or just make one up.

Saturday Morning

Nancy Greene

The Nancy Greene skiers will be working with their coaches on a special present for all of our K2’s moving onto J1 next year. They will also have a chance to get out onto the hill so please be ready to ski.


All of the K-Star skiers will spend the morning training with the K1’s and K2’s who are preparing for Zone Finals and Whistler Cup.

K1’s and K2’s

You will be training hard.


Parents are welcome to join me for a two hour session of ski improvement. Think of it as a free ski lesson.

Saturday Lunch

Hot lunches will be available; proceeds go to the club.

Saturday Afternoon

The Crazy Combi! Open to all. Be there.

Sunday Morning

Nancy Greene / K-Star / K1 / K2

The Epic Seymour Adventure

Brush up on you knowledge of Seymour, alpine wildlife and the history of the coaches. The Seymour Epic will take you and your group to the edge and back as you put the clues together to find the ultimate meaning of life!

Saturday Lunch

Hot lunches will be available; proceeds go to the club.

Sunday Afternoon

Dog Fight Dual Slalom

Kids vs. kids, kids vs. parents, parents vs. coaches… it will all be decided on the course.