The Entourage

This past Sunday five Seymour K-Stars took part in the Enchanted Forest Super-G. The race was put on by the Whistler Mountain Ski Club and Whistler Blackcomb and they were kind enough to let us join what is normally an internal event. 

Besides the excuse to ski at Whistler this event also gave us the opportunity to compare how our future K1 skiers to Whistlers future K1’s. We did very well. 


On the boys side Erik finished 5th with Graham not far behind in 8th position. The girls held their own with Mikaela grabbing 5th place. Arielle finished in 16th position and Sarah came 30th. All of our skiers gave their best but the flat start definitely favoured the larger racers (Sarah, one day momentum will be on your side).  

Hopefully this race will become an annual and fun event for Seymour in the future.